I love this analysis and I can't wait to read I LET YOU GO. Re: 2nd person. I love how this sneakily obscures who is doing the talking, i.e. addressing the reader, or, for that matter, who is being addressed if it's NOT the reader--and, nooooo, I don't happen to be experimenting with this at the present. P.S. I wish I'd read your thoughts on epilogue a year ago. You are so right.

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I didn't think I liked second person until I read Rebecca Makkai's new book.

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Great post, thanks.

I haven't read much in second person. Only thing that comes to mind is fantasy of NK Jemisin in Broken Earth, I *think* (it's been a while since I read). There might even be some future tense in parts of that, too.

Also, I'm in the middle of 'Salem's Lot right now! One of the few books of King that I hadn't ever gotten around to. Enjoying it, especially from the perspective that it was his second novel. The omniscient town sections are very good. I like that breakaway to that point of view.

My favourite styles have to be the limited POV third person of something like ASOIAF or Murakami's first person singular.

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